Happy Gas Smash!

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Destroy Happy Gas!
Game GTA 2
For Johnny Zoo, Yakuza
Location Funabashi, Downtown District, Anywhere City
Reward $40,000

Destroy Happy Gas!, or Happy Gas Smash! in the PC version, is the third job in Grand Theft Auto 2 given to Claude by Johnny Zoo of the Yakuza. The mission is available from the left of the two yellow Yakuza phones in Funabashi of the Downtown District.


The Loonies have not paid Johnny back from a previous deal. He tells Claude to retrieve the money from the Loonies, then return.

When Claude arrives at the meet, the Loonies double-cross Johnny and attack Claude. Furious, Johnny orders Claude to arm an Ice-Cream Van with a bomb, break into the Asylum and destroy the Happy Gas Tanks.


Johnny Zoo: "Hi, Kosai, it's Johnny Zoo. The Loonies still owe me money for merchandise. Get some wheels, get to the City University and GET MY DOLLARS!"

(Claude drives to the meet.)

Johnny Zoo: "Sound your horn, Kosai, the Loonies are expecting you."

Johnny Zoo: "Hey, dreamer, get back in the car and sound the horn."

(Claude honks the horn to start the deal.)

Loonie: "We ain't payin'! Die, Yakuza delivery boy!"

Johnny Zoo: "Kill the crazies, Kosai!"

(Claude finishes off the Loony attackers.)

Johnny Zoo: "The Loonies are crazy for Mary Jane's Ice Cream. Get an Ice-Cream Van so you can access the City Asylum - then we will teach this idiot gang a lesson."

(Claude drives around the streets until he finds an Ice-Cream Van and jacks it.)

Johnny Zoo: "Good, you have enough dollars to arm the Ice-Cream Van. Get to it!"

(Claude drives to the Red Army Surplus and rigs the Van with a bomb.)

Johnny Zoo: "Drive the Ice-Cream Van to the Loony Asylum. Once you get inside destroy their Happy Gas tanks.

(Claude drives to the Loony Asylum and parks the car by the Happy Gas tanks.)

Johnny Zoo: "Arm the Ice-Cream Van bomb then escape the Asylum - fast."

(Claude arms the bomb and escapes the Loony Asylum. The bomb goes off, igniting the place and destroying the Happy Gas tanks.)

Johnny Zoo: "Super-fantastic, Kosai! The Loonies are lost without their Happy Gas. Have $40,000 for your hard work."


Completing the mission will give you $40,000.

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