Helicopter (GTA CW)

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In Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars there are helicopters that appear in certain missions, fly over bridges and chase after the player when they have a 3+ wanted level. The helicopter cannot be obtained without the use of an action replay or other cheating device. If the player commendeers a helicopter using a modification they can fly it around, shoot weapons from it and throw Grenades or Molotovs from it. It is interesting to know that the helicopter cannot be damaged if its blades touch a building, as it has no file for that, the blades pass right through the building. However the helicopter itself can be damaged it's body hits somthing. The helicopter has no actual scripted name and cannot be obtained anywhere without a cheating device. The helicopter controled by the player also has no engine noise and cannot be renterd after exited. The flight controls for the helicopter in Chinatown Wars are:

B - Ascend

Y - Descend

R - Rotate Right

L - Rotate Left

D-Pad - Move