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A Hellfury in GTA IV.

The Hellfury is a chopper-style motorcycle made by Western Motorcycle Company and found only in Grand Theft Auto IV.



It is based on a West Coast Choppers El Diablo series bike and is the vehicle of choice for The Angels of Death. One of the most radically designed choppers in the game, the bike features a flame-based rim design.


The Hellfury handles similarly to the Freeway. It turns very widely, even at low speeds. However, it has a fast top speed, and can easily win races.



  • Usually seen driven by the Angels of Death or parked in BOABO.
  • A Hellfury is seen on the northern side of the museum in the mission Museum Piece. It seems to replace Johnny's parked Hexer in the parallel mission in The Lost and Damned, as it is the most similar bike.
  • A golden-brown Hellfury can be found in the alleyway next to Lost MC Clubhouse in TBOGT, parked next to the side entrance.
  • Many seen outside Luis Lopez's safehouse sometimes even in a unique dark blue.

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