Her Lover

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Her Lover
Carl about to kill Marty Chonks

Carl about to kill Marty Chonks
For Marty Chonks
Target Carl
Location Trenton, Portland, Liberty City
Fail Whack Carl
Reward $4,000
Unlocks None
Unlocked by The Wife

Her Lover is a mission in Grand Theft Auto III given to protagonist Claude by Bitch'n' Dog Food Factory owner Marty Chonks from a public telephone outside the factory in Trenton, Portland, Liberty City.


Marty Chonks continues with his money problems, but now realizes that his wife was having an affair with someone he owes money to. His name is Carl, and he is losing patience with Marty, who is slow to payback the money he owes. Marty tells Claude to pick him up from Chinatown and bring him back to the Bitch'n' Dog Food Factory, where he plans to kill him and turn him into dog food.

Claude goes inside the factory premises to get in a Stallion. Claude then picks up Carl and brings him back. Marty waits for them outside of the factory, and attempts to buy time. He invites Carl into the factory, but Carl declines and kills Marty.

Note: Depending on the player's decision, Claude may kill Carl.


Marty Chonks: Damn, I'm in trouble! Turns out my wife was seeing some guy I owe money to. He's got real angry and he's looking for payback! I've agreed to see him... he thinks I'm gonna pay him off... but my guess is... Liberty's dogs are gonna get yet another flavor this month.

(Claude picks up to Carl)

Carl: Marty sent you huh? Ok, I'm gonna show that creep the meaning of the word business.

(Claude drives Carl back to the Bitchin' Dog Food Factory.)

Marty Chonks: Carl, hi! I errr, I need more time to get your money, but if you just step into my office...

Carl: It's far too late for that Marty. You had your chance, but now I'm taking over the business...  ASSHOLE! (Carl will always shout something different before shooting Chonks)


The reward for this mission is $4,000.


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