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The heroin is a part of Grand Theft Auto IV's storyline. First, the heroin is imported into Liberty City by the Triads on the same ship Niko arrived on, the Platypus. Then the Angels of Death stole their heroin and it was in their hands until Johnny and the Lost came to the AOD clubhouse and destroyed the clubhouse and stole the heroin. The Lost, along with Elizabeta Torres try to offload the heroin but the deal is a LCPD setup and Johhny escapes with the heroin. Then the Lost try to again make a deal to offload the heroin to the Triads who had it in the first place but the Triads took the heroin from the Lost without making a deal. After that the heroin is not heard of until the mission Truck Hustle where the Triads are going to ship the heroin when Niko Bellic hijacks the truck carrying it and takes it to a lock up in Alderney. Then later Phil Bell, Frankie, and Niko try to move the heroin but the FIB finds them but the trio evade the police. Finally the last appearance of the heroin is in the finale of the main game. From there it takes two paths depending on which the player chooses. The player has to decide between working with Dimitri and doing a deal to sell the heroin or to kill him on the boat that has the heroin.

Path One is the Revenge path. In this mission the game says that Dimitri is in the cargo hold supervising the heroin operation. Niko has to kill him in the cargo hold to finish the mission.

Path Two is the Deal path. In this mission Niko and Phil Bell go to make the deal for the heroin but Dimitri calls and says that he has killed the buyers representatives and that he will keep the heroin. Now Niko and Phil are trapped in the buyers compound and must fight their way out of the warehouse where the deal was supposed to happen and get the payment to complete the mission.