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Hit The Courier
Game GTA Vice City
For Earnest Kelly
Target Counterfeit Plate Courier
Location Vice City Print Works
Reward $5000

Hit The Courier is the second and last mission played for Earnest Kelly owner of the Vice City Print Works in the game Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.



Now that you know where the counterfeiting plates will be delivered, you will have to ambush the delivery by killing the recievers and pulling a "hit" on the courier.

The Mission

Get a fast car and then quicckly drive to the meeting in some docks at Viceport. There you will see the recievers, a group of armed women, first of all kill the two women weilding S.P.A.S 12s, then kill the one with the M4 Carbine and then the ones with Uzis. Next, move on along the docks until you come along more armed women, kill them and (if you drove exteremely fast to the meeting), the courier should be landing in a Maverick helicopter.

Now quickly, pull out an assault rifle (since she's wearing armor) and gun her and her escort down, before they reach their getaway car, since if they get on the car you will have to snipe the courier dead, because if you blow the car up with the courier inside, the plates will get blow up as well. Once the courier is dead, pick up the plates and run for it, then get in your car and drive away, now just drive back to the print works and deliver the plates. Mission accomplished!


(VC Print Works, Tommy Vercetti, Earnest Kelly and Lance Vance).

Tommy: Alright, the courier's moving the plates from the docks today. I'm gonna go intercept them, grab the plates, lose any heat, and make my way back here. Now. Depending how this goes, we may have fuive minutes to print the money before the counterfeit syndicate finds us, or we may have all year. Either way, I want green rolling of the presses five minutes after I get back. Got it?

Earnest: Don't you worry Tommy. We'll be ready.

Lance: Me an'the boys will be around the neighbourhood case you need any heat taken care of.

Tommy: Alright, everybody cool? Alright. I'll catch you later...

(After the courier has been killed, Counterfeiting Woman)

Counterfeiting Woman: That prick has the plates! Kill him and get them back!

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