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Hogs 'n' Cogs is a bike shop located in Belleville Park, Staunton Island. By 1998 it had begun paying protection to Leone family capo, Toni Cipriani. By 2001, it has gone out of business due to the Motorcycle Ban enacted by the city government.

In GTA LCS, you can take what's called Bike Salesman missions, where you sell bikes of different kinds to different people. It's like the Car Salesman missions you get at Capital Autos in Harwood, Portland except there are no levels to compete do you can do as many sales as you want to do. There is a Angel inside the small showroom every time and a Freeway outside the showroom on your left.

Bike Salesman

There are 4 different types of motorcycles being sold in Hogs 'n' Cogs, and different ways to sell them


The Faggio is the easiest bike to sell. Just drive slow and drive on the road, and it will soon be a sale.


The Sanchez is a dirtbike built to be offroad. Just drive right off the road and take the jump near the water, and the bike is sold.


The PCJ-600 is also a very easy bike to sell. Just start driving with top speed and it will soon be a sale. But dont crash it, since at high speeds the crash can easily kill the customer.


The Freeway is the hardest bike to sell. You will have to drive along the pavement, and run down pedestrians. When driving fast, you gain abit "Sale" but not much, and killing pedestrians makes it alot easier.

Protection Money

After selling a 100 bikes (no matter wich) you can start getting protection money from Hogs 'n' Cogs.