Hollow Kost

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Hollow Kost
[[Image::File:TheZaibatsuCorporation-GTA2-logo.png| ]]
Appearances GTA 2
Full Name Hollow Kost
Aliases The President
The Doctor
The Cure
Gender Gender::Male
Date of Birth June 4th, 1954
Place of Birth Oxford, England
Germany (possible)
Age Now 63
Nationality German
Home Anywhere City
Family Henrietta de Courcy (deceased)
Main Affiliations The Zaibatsu Corporation
Businesses The Zaibatsu Corporation (scientist)

Hollow Kost (born June 4, 1954 in either Oxford, England or somewhere in Germany) is a Zaibatsu scientist who is kept alive by Zaibatsu drugs. His wife Henrietta de Courcy died on the operating table after a motoring accident. He has numerous scars around his temple and has had extensive surgery on his spinal column. He sports a Saville Row haircut and lives in his penthouse in the heart of the Zaibatsu complex. He is also known as "The President", "The Doctor" and "The Cure".

His name is a play on the word Holocaust.