Home's on the Range

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Home's on the Range
Game GTA Vice City Stories
For Gonzales
Location Leaf Links, Vice City
Reward $1,000
Unlocks Purple Haze

Home's on the Range is a mission from GTA: Vice City Stories given by Gonzales to protagonist Victor Vance.


Victor was asked by Gonzales to meet him at the golf range in Leaf Links. After a short time of playing Gonzales and a couple of his goons appear in Caddy's. Gonzales tells him that if he can play golf good enough then maybe they can work together. After playing around, Victor eventually gets a perfect hit and Gonzales praises him and the mission is completed.


(Victor, Gonzales at the golf range.)

Gonzales: Ah, Vic. I hope you play golf.

Victor Vance: Sure. I've played a round or two.

Gonzales: I play around all the time, but don't tell my wife. Vic, I find the way a man plays golf says much about him.

Victor Vance: Really?

Gonzales: Si. For instance, I trusted Jesus over there. Yet, he betrayed me. Heh! I should have known better. He's a terrible golfer. Let's see if I like the way you play, eh? Then maybe we do business.

(Victor shots and hits the buoy and it explodes.)

Gonzales: Bueno! You bastard! No one sells me out! Well played, Vic.

Victor Vance: Thanks.

Gonzales: Regard this as a down-payment on your services. I'll be in touch.


The reward for completing this mission is $1,000.

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