Hose the Hoes

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Hose the Hoes
Game GTA Vice City Stories
For Louise Cassidy-Williams
Location Little Havana, Vice City
Unlocks Robbing the Cradle

Hose the Hoes is a mission in GTA: Vice City Stories, given by Louise Cassidy-Williams.


Victor goes to Louise's apartment and he becomes aware of Marty Jay Williams' cousin having burned the brothel in Little Havana which the Vance Crime Family took over. Victor and Louise get a firetruck and once they are in the brothel Victor sprays the firetrucks water at the fire and when the fire is out, Marty's cousin shows up, Louise spots him and while attempting to escape Victor kills him.


(Victor outside Louise's apartment talks from the intercom.)

Victor: Hey, Louise, it's me!

Louise: Vic! Thank God you're here. I just heard your cathouse is going up in flames! Are the girls OK?

Victor: Did Marty's inbred family do this?

Louise: I'll be right down.

(Louise arrives outside.)

Victor: Did you call the fire department?

Louise: Don't worry. I know where we can get a fire truck.

(After they've put the fire out.)

Louise: That's Marty's cousin! He did it, Vic! Get him! Bastard's got six toes.

Victor: Hey, you!


The reward for completing this mission is $300.

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