Hostile Negotiation

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in this mission,dimitri rascalov would send u a message of roman,niko's cousin being kidnapped and a shotgun pointed at him.(u would have got the higher grade handphone from playboy x by now so u can view pictures.)u must make ure way to a desserted warehouse where a major shootout will begin after the cut scene where a gangster would tell roman that dimitri used him to get niko.niko will start to get into the ware house first by taking cover,and the rest is up to u.After reaching the top of the warehouse(where roman is).there will be a part when roman is about to be executed,and u need to shoot in precision mode to hit the executioner.roman will thnk niko with great gratitude and u will have to follow roman and drive him home.(the safe house at bohan.)

                                 "Nobody fucks with my family!"
                          -said by Niko during the whole shootout-