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|target= [[Gracie Ancelotti]]
|target= [[Gracie Ancelotti]]
|location=[[Alderney State Correctional Facility]], [[Alderney]]
|location=[[Alderney State Correctional Facility]], [[Alderney]]
|fail=[[Niko Bellic]] being [[Wasted|killed]]<br>[[Niko Bellic]] being [[Busted|arrested]].
|fail=[[Niko Bellic]] being [[Wasted|killed]]<br>[[Niko Bellic]] being [[Busted|arrested]]<br>[[Gracie Ancelotti]] being [[Wasted|killed]].
|unlocks=[[...I'll Take Her]]
|unlocks=[[...I'll Take Her]]

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I'll Take Her...

Gerald McReary talking to Niko Bellic.
For Gerald McReary
Target Gracie Ancelotti
Location Alderney State Correctional Facility, Alderney
Fail Niko Bellic being killed
Niko Bellic being arrested
Gracie Ancelotti being killed.
Reward $9,500
Unlocks ...I'll Take Her

I'll Take Her... is the first of four missions involving the kidnapping of Gracie Ancelotti in Grand Theft Auto IV for Gerald McReary and the Irish Mob.


Niko arrives at the the Alderney State Correctional Facility where Gerry is being held on various charges. After a short conversation, Niko recieves a call from Patrick McReary, Packie explains that they're going to kidnap Old Man Ancelotti's daughter.

Niko drives to an TW@ Internet Café and views an ad by Gracie on Autoeroticar.com, who is selling her pink Feltzer. Niko calls Gracie using her contact info on the website, who will only answer between 8.00 and 21.00. Gracie tells Niko to come to her place on Babbage Drive in Alderney and test drive the car.

Niko makes his way to Gracie's place, after some light conversation and test driving, Niko initiates the kidnapping and starts heading towards a safehouse the Irish Mob had set up. During the drive after Gracie is aware whats happening, she attempts various things such as, calling her father, clawing at Niko, grabbing the wheel of the car, trying to bail out of the car, or calling for help if a police cruiser is nearby. All of these are unsuccessful as Niko throws her cell phone out of the car, manages to continue driving despite her actions, keeps her from escaping, and then finally knocks her out.

When Niko pulls into the alley and to the back door of the safehouse Irish Mob member Gordon Sargent takes Gracie upstairs, while assosiate Stevie gets rid of Gracie's pink Feltzer.

This mission continues as ...I'll Take Her, and once again, it is possible to complete other missions in between.


  • It is possible that the man, driving away in Gracie's Feltzer during the mission-end cutscene, is in fact Stevie, Brucie's friend who text-messages you to steal cars (Stevie's Car Thefts). As he drives away Gordon says his name is Stevie. You can kill him, but he'll be back.
  • If you pass a police vehicle Gracie will stand up and call for help, earning you a wanted level.
  • The name "Seymour Fani" on the whiteboard behind Jerry, is a play on 'see more fanny'.

A useful tip: About every five seconds, Gracie will either take the wheel or try to climb out of the car, so slowly count to five before slowing the car down to keep it from flipping over.