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I'll Take Her

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Niko Bellic visits Gerald McReary at the Alderney State Correctional Facility where Gerald is being held on charges of racketeering and armed robbery among other things. Gerald, after loudly announcing his innocence, asks Niko to help him with his 'drinking problem' by calling his brother Patrick. After he leaves, Niko calls Patrick and is told to kidnap Gracie Ancelotti, the daughter of Don Giovanni Ancelotti of the Ancelotti Family by meeting her to buy her pink Feltzer. Niko logs on to a computer at a TW@ Internet Café and views the advert for Gracie's Feltzer on Niko takes her contact number from the website and calls Gracie, who tells him to come to her house on Babbage Drive to test drive the car.

Niko goes to Gracie's house and, after a short conversation, she suggests they go to the coast while on the test drive. Niko continues the 'test drive' before telling Gracie that he's actually kidnapping her. Gracie attempts to escape by calling her father, clawing at Niko's face, grabbing the steering wheel, trying to bail out of the car and calling for police officers if they are nearby. Niko is successful in stopping her, including throwing her phone out of the car, before knocking her out. Niko drives Gracie to an alleyway off Sacramento Avenue. Niko meets Gordon Sargent, an Irish gang member, who takes Gracie to an upstairs apartment and Stevie takes the pink Feltzer.


Pre-mission phone call

Gerald McReary: Niko, Gerald McReary here. Calling from the Alderney State Correctional Facility.

Niko Bellic: Hey Gerry. I heard you'd been locked up, I'm sorry to hear that.

Gerald McReary: We gotta discuss something. I've put you on the visitors list here. Come down...


Gerald McReary: You ok, kid?

Niko Bellic: Yeah, I'm ok. I'm sorry about your brother.

(If Niko killed Derrick McReary)

Gerald McReary: Ah... me and Derrick had quite a few problems, but he was my brother... and it hurts. Poor fucking bastard. He believed in something once, which is better than me... I guess. Ah fuck, I'll miss him.

(If Niko killed Francis McReary)

Gerald McReary: Ah... me and Francis were never exactly close, but he was my brother... and it hurts. Poor bastard. He believed in something once. That's a hell of a lot better than me, I guess. Fuck, I'll miss him.

(Regardless of who had been killed during Blood Brothers)

Niko Bellic: How are you, in here?

Gerald McReary: Fine. Time of my life... Goddamn time of my life.

Niko Bellic: What you up for?

Gerald McReary: Oh, a lot of things. Racketeering, armed robbery, bunch of shit I never did cause I was always a well behaved family man who occasionally liked a drink, but nothing more.

Niko Bellic: Of course. Like us all.

Gerald McReary: Like us all. But the thing is, I think I should make some changed in my life, stop with the drink, put it down, stop hanging out with the wrong sort. Can you help me do that? It is a final chance at redemption.

Niko Bellic: Look, whatever you want, I will do my best to help.

Gerald McReary: Good. Give Packie a call. He'll explain what I need guidance with the most... the areas where I have strayed furthest from the path. See ya.

(Niko leaves the Alderney State Correctional Facility and phones Patrick McReary)

Niko Bellic: Your brother told me to call you.

Patrick McReary: Gerry wants us to kidnap old man Ancelotti's daughter. Some fake tanned, dyed haired, guido loving slut by the name of Grace. She's selling her tasteful pink Feltzer on Autoeroticar at the moment. Get online, organize a viewing and snatch that bitch. When you got her, bring her to a place we got on an alleyway off Sacramento.

Niko Bellic: I can do that.

Patrick McReary: You can do anything Niko - don't let her on that you're kidnapping her near her place though. Play along with a test drive for a while to get her out of there. It's a real mobbed up area and they'll come down on you damn heavy.

Niko Bellic: Aren't you going to help?

Patrick McReary: One of my fucking brothers just got shot and another one's in the pen. Someone's got to be with my ma.

(Niko Bellic gets Gracie Ancelotti's phone number from and phones her)

Niko Bellic: I'm calling about the car.

Gracie Ancelotti: Come to my place on Babbage Drive. You don't sound like the sort of man who'd drive a pink convertible.

Niko Bellic: I can't resist a bargain.

(Niko goes to Gracie's house on Babbage Drive)

Gracie Ancelotti: You're the guy who called about the car, the one with the sexy accent?

Niko Bellic: You mind if I take a test drive?

Gracie Ancelotti: You can test drive whatever you want. I love riding in cars with you European types. My family's from Italia, you know? Somewhere in the south.

(Niko and Gracie get into the pink Feltzer)

Gracie Ancelotti: Why don't you drive towards the south coast? We can enjoy the day.

(Niko and Gracie go on a test drive)

Gracie Ancelotti: So, you like the car? I didn't think a manly guy like you would drive something like this. You got a wife or girlfriend or something?

Niko Bellic: I'm picking this up for a friend.

Gracie Ancelotti: Yeah? What a gentleman. You don't meet guys like you in this city no more. All the good men are gone is what my dad says.

Niko Bellic: Your dad sounds real oldschool. You and him close?

Gracie Ancelotti: Nah, not really. he's great and all, it's just I don't like his tough guy friends. I only hang out with gay guys, you know. At least they won't try and get in your pants every ten seconds. Not that I don't like guys trying to get in my pants. I appreciate fun as much as the next girl... maybe even more than the next girl.

Niko Bellic: You having fun at the moment?

Gracie Ancelotti: Maybe too much fun. Call me Gracie, by the way.

Niko Bellic: Sure thing, Gracie.

(Niko and Gracie continue the test drive)

Gracie Ancelotti: How's it going then, sweetie?

Niko Bellic: Alright, but what I'm here for hasn't really been started.

Gracie Ancelotti: You've been test driving for a while so I can only guess that you're interested in something other than the car.

Niko Bellic: I am, I'm here to kidnap you, Grace Ancelotti. I don't want to hurt you so remain fucking calm.

Gracie Ancelotti: Fuck you!

(Niko continues to drive towards Sacramento Avenue)

Gracie Ancelotti: That's it fuckwit. I'm calling Daddy and he ain't gonna treat you as polite as I do, that's for sure.

Niko Bellic: You're not calling shit, bitch. You're coming with me.

Gracie Ancelotti: You motherfucker, you sick bastard, you creep!

(Niko continues to drive towards Sacramento Avenue)

Gracie Ancelotti: You're fucking with the wrong girl, asshole. I'm Gracie Ancelotti and I...

Niko Bellic: Shut up.

(Niko knocks Gracie out)

Niko Bellic: Peace at last.

(Niko continues to drive towards Sacramento Avenue and receives a phone call from Little Jacob)

Little Jacob: Whappen rasta? Yo, you wanna go down to the strip club, Mr. Mention?

Niko Bellic: No can do, Jacob. I've got a girl with me and I don't think it would be appropriate. Let's speak soon though, huh?

(Niko drives to the alleyway off Sacramento Avenue and meets Gordon Sargent)

Gordon Sargent: There he is! Stevie, dump the car. I'll take this piece of ass.

Niko Bellic: Guys, the bitch better be worth the trouble.

Gordon Sargent: Her pa's got some serious cash and he pissed off Gerald. That's reason enough for me.

Niko Bellic: Well he better pay quick. I hate to think of the fight she'll put up if you try to cut her fingers off.

Post mission phone call

Niko Bellic: Gordon has the bitch, I'm done with her.

Patrick McReary: Thanks, Niko. My brother will be a happy man. I'll get things in motion. Be in touch.



  • Gracie Ancelotti will only answer the call from Niko Bellic between 8am and 9pm.
  • The name "Seymour Fani" on the whiteboard behind Gerry, is a play on 'see more fanny'.
  • The first three digits in Gracie's phone number (662) translates to "MOB".


The monetary reward for completing I'll Take Her is $9,500. The mission Ransom, the second part of this mission, is unlocked.

Video walkthrough

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