I Luv LC

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I luv LC
Luis arriving at Maisonette 9.

Luis arriving at Maisonette 9.
Game The Ballad of Gay Tony
For Gay Tony
Location Algonquin
Unlocks Practice Swing
Chinese Takeout
Momma's Boy

I luv LC is the opening mission for The Ballad of Gay Tony. The mission intertwines with the robbery of the Bank of Liberty involving Niko Bellic, Patrick McReary, Derrick McReary and Michael Keane.


During a bank robbery in a Chinatown Bank of Liberty branch (as depicted in detail during "Three Leaf Clover" in Grand Theft Auto IV), Eugene Reaper discusses his dangerous idea of fighting back against the bank robbers with Luis who was at the bank for his boss, Gay Tony. Luis is quick to dismiss the idea, but Eugene goes along with it, fatally shooting Keane and getting killed himself. Luis escapes alive and heads over to Tony's, where he first meets Rocco Pelosi, who comes to collect some money Tony owes him. Afterwards, Tony and Luis leave for Tony's two clubs

Secondary objectives

Objective Description Target score
Time Time taken to complete the mission. 0:04:30
Player damage Damage attained by the player. 0%
Car damage Damage attained by the car. 0%

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  • During the opening you will see Niko twice (once in the bank and once driving in a car), and Johnny riding by on his bike.
  • In the opening cutscene, there will be Enforcers outside the bank, but in Three Leaf Clover, they are Police Stockades
  • In the cutscene of this mission you can see Niko's choice of a suit for the heist: it's the grey one, with the black tie.
  • Niko can kill Luis Lopez during the mission Three Leaf Clover.
  • While Luis is crossing a road, Niko and the McReary's will stop in a sedan, nearly running him over. The colour of the car is random and will change from red to grey.
  • Name of the mission is a reference to achievement: "Full Exploration" from GTA IV which player receive from completing mission Three Leaf Clover. The achievement picture shows "I [heart] LC" and it can be read as "I luv LC".

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