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(Carl's Garage, Carl "CJ" Johnson and Cesar Vialpando.)

(Carl runs violently into his garage, then he pops the hood of his car and starts looking through the engine.)

Carl: Damn, where'd I put it! Where the hell did I put it? Shit!

(Cesar arrives, carting a tool trolley.)

Cesar: Hey holmes, you OK?

Carl: Yeah. Woozie left a message, say I gotta go get Jizzy's phone after he made the call. Then I can ambush the meet and take down those Balla pushers from Los Santos.

Cesar: Hey homie, you want me to roll with you?

Carl: No, this a one-man job. I gotta stay real low key. I was thinking about welding some shit together, and making me a silencer!

Cesar: You're fucking crazy, holmes! You gotta get out of this ghetto mentality!

Carl: So what you thinking?

Cesar: Let me show you. Check this out, holmes.

(Cesar reaches into the tool trolley and pulls out a gun equiped with a silencer.)

Cesar: Here, take mine.

Carl: Where'd you get that?

Cesar: Same place I buy my pants, holmes. This is America.

(Carl heads down to the Pleasure Domes and meets with Jizzy.)

(Pleasure Domes, Carl, Jizzy B and Jizz's Bitch.)

Jizzy: Gimme some room. Gimme some room bitch! It's that time of the week again...your provider is about to make that special call. If I think for a moment that one of you hos is hustling me...

(Jizzy makes the execution sign.)

Jizzy's Bitch: You better make a bigger cut this week Jizz. We're running low, honey!

Jizzy: Shut up bitch, I'm handling business!

Jizzy's Bitch: Don't you even raise your voice at me, asshole!

Jizzy: Now shut up, bitch! Your funky ass...

Jizzy's Bitch: What a dick!

(Jizzy's Bitch leaves and Carl arrives.)

Carl: Hey Jizzy, I need to holler at you.

Jizzy: Well talk, then, friend. I mean, that's we'll ever do. A kind word here, a wise saying there. Shit, I'm a walking book of proverbs.

(Carl pulls his gun on Jizzy.)

Carl: No, you fucked up, man!

Jizzy: C...C'mon, man. Hey, I get it wrong, you know? I'm Imperfect. You know, like...hey. Not a kind man. Not a wise man, you know. Not a smart man, but. Dear Lord, I tried!

Carl: No, you fucked up when you trusted me, playa.

Jizzy: C'mon, baby...I...I...But...But...

Carl: You ass-selling, yay pushing, piece of shit trash!

(Carl tosses Jizzy onto a couch and prepares to shoot him.)

Jizzy: Oh, lord! Watchoo all waiting on, huh? Somebody cap this nigga, man!

(Jizzy escapes and sets his guards on Carl, but Carl kills the guards, then goes after Jizzy, kills him and takes his phone, then Carl calls Cesar Vialpando.)

(Phone Conversation, Carl and Cesar Vialpando.)

Carl: Eh, Cesar.

Cesar: Hey, dude, wassup?

Carl: I need you to meet me at Pier 69. We're gonna take down the Loco Syndicate.

Cesar: OK holmes. You gonna need some backup?

Carl: No, man. I got it covered.

(Carl hangs up.)