In the Air Tonight

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In the Air Tonight
Game GTA Vice City Stories
For Reni Wassulmaier
Target Forelli hitman
Location Vice Point, Vice City
Reward $3,000
Unlocks Light My Pyre
Phil Collins' concert

In the Air Tonight is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories given by Reni Wassulmaier to protagonist Victor Vance.


Reni has got her fourth sex change and today is Phil Collins going to perform his concert. Victor arrives at the hospital in Vice Point and is informed that Reni has to leave the city because the Mendez Cartel are after her. Victor gets a car and takes Reni over to the Escobar International Airport, while on the way being chased by Mendez's goons at Sentinels. When they arrive at the airport Reni leaves but Victor is going to the the Hyman Memorial Stadium at Downtown (Vice City|Downtown]] and is going to make sure Phil Collins will perform his concert and most notably his song "In the Air Tonight" (which is played in the radio station Emotion 98.3). Upon arriving the security take all of Victor's guns forcing him to fight any Forelli hitman causing sabotage with his hands. When Victor arrives at the concert, he spots a number of hitman on the roof trying to cut off the lights rig. He then goes up and kills any Forelli hitman trying to cut off the lights rig and after a while Barry Mickelthwaite (Phil's manager) says that he's forced to pay Giorgio Forelli the money he owes.


(Phil Collins, Barry, Reni and Victor inside the hospital.)

Reni Wassulmaier: Vic! Darling! How do I look?

Victor Vance: Uh, different.

Reni Wassulmaier: Fantastische! I was just telling Barry he should get some implants.

Barry Mickelthwaite: Ha, ha, flipping ha.

Victor Vance: Great. Hey, Phil, you ready for the concert? How's everything looking?

Phil Collins: Good... I think. Unless Barry's got some more surprises in store.

Barry Mickelthwaite: Hold on, mucker, you are gonna have to stop giving me a hard time.

Phil Collins: No worries. You stop having me killed, and I'll stop complaining about it.

Barry Mickelthwaite: Vic dealt with that... that teething trouble. This is rock and roll, son, not flipping flower arranging.

Phil Collins: Oh, do shut up. Listen, we've got work to do. Vic, we'll see you at the gig. Reni, it's, uh... been an experience. I'll make sure Barry calls you.

Barry Mickelthwaite: Phil!

Reni Wassulmaier: Darlings, I love you both! Vic, can you drive me to the airport on your way to the gig?

Victor Vance: Heh! Sure, sure. Come on.

Reni Wassulmaier:I had a few extra stitches put in down below, darling. I'm a virgin, shiny and new. You could be my first.

Victor Vance: Dude, please, shut up.

(Victor is driving and arrives in Little Havana, but Mendez' goons start chasing.)

Reni Wassulmaier: Not again! I don't want to die a virgin!

(Victor and Reni reach the airport.)

Victor Vance: So you're really leaving?

Reni Wassulmaier: I have no choice, darling. Diego will never stop looking for me. Once you've been with Reni, nothing compares. Besides, I'm through with advertising - it's so morally bankrupt. I'm going to Europe to conquer the exotic adult movie business.

Victor Vance: Europeans like women with big hands and stubble?

Reni Wassulmaier: Of course! We are more sophisticated than you Americans, darling. I know you want me, but Reni, she must go. Goodbye, darling! I'll send you my tapes! Think of me often!

(Victor arrives at the stadium, Barry, Victor.)

Barry Mickelthwaite: Where've you been? Phil's already on. I'm shitting bricks here, mate. Giorgio's definitely going to try something.

Victor Vance: Keep your pants on. I'll make my way down front and keep an eye on things.

(The Forelli hitman have stopped causing chaos.)

Barry Mickelthwaite: Mate, that's it. I'm paying Giorgio back. It's gonna cost me a bloody fortune. You know he wants 60% interest. What can I do? I've got to think of me boy's wellbeing.

Phil Collins: Hi, Vic. What did you think of the show?

Victor Vance: Killer.

Phil Collins: Cheers. Hey, Barry, I'm glad you're thinking of my wellbeing. I could do with a break.

Barry Mickelthwaite: No, mate, we should be moving on; strike while the iron's hot. The U.S. loves you!

Phil Collins: But I'm booked in at the hotel for another week. I was going to work on the tan.

Barry Mickelthwaite: You're kidding! You gotta go to work, mate! I've just lined up a rake of shows. Loads of dosh...

Phil Collins: And what about my wellbeing?

Barry Mickelthwaite: Trust me, you'll thank me. Don't get all histrionic...

Phil Collins: Histrionic? I've spent the last few days being chased around the city by a maniac. I've been shot at and nearly blown up.

Barry Mickelthwaite: See what I mean? Bloody celebrities...

Phil Collins: Hey, Vic, have you ever thought about a career in management?

Barry Mickelthwaite: Hold up, boy, I'm your management!

Phil Collins: Yeah - Miss Management. Or was that just Reni's name for you? You should have got those false tits, mate, just like Reni suggested. They'd look great alongside that real one you're using for your head!


Upon completing the mission you'll get $3,000 and you can purchase a ticket for Phil Collins' concert by paying $6,000 at the stadium anytime.

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