Ink Inc.

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Ink Inc.
Game GTA V
GTA Online
Type of business Tattoo parlor
Location(s) Hawick Ave in Hawick, Los Santos

Ink Inc., also stylized as INK INC., is a tattoo parlor chain with stores located on Hawick Ave in Hawick, Los Santos and another in Chumash appearing in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online. The company also has a Lifeinvader page, which can be accessed while using Lifeinvader while playing as Franklin Clinton. The company's Lifeinvader page has 2,261 friends, which includes Franklin, Lamar Davis, Tonya Wiggins, Taylor Hoyte, Andy Whitford, Mike Hathaway, Harvey Pritchard and Steve Welby.

Lifeinvader updates

  • INK INC: Come experience the ancient art of drunken self-expression at Ink Inc
  • INK INC: A tattoo is a rite of passage for the 21st century American douchebag.
  • Taylor Hoyte: I can't explain it but that oriental coy fish and asian writing really express who I am.
  • INK INC: Tattoos used to be about rebellion and self-expression. Now they're about conforming. Don't stand out from the crowd - get a tattoo today.
  • Andy Whitford: I got that mermaid tattoo on my forearm to look tough but everyone thinks I'm gay!
  • INK INC: Come on. You won't get a job in a coffee shop without one.
  • INK INC: Pick from a catalogue of stock images - because it's an expression of how creative and individual you are!
  • INK INC: If you think it's expensive and painful now, wait for the removal operation in 10 years when you realize how ridiculous you look!
  • INK INC: Remmeber, you skin is a blank canvas for shitty art you can never get rid of.
  • INK INC: Now available - the Impotent Rage tattoo! Because a cartoon on a grown man says he doesn't take himself too seriously!
  • Mike Hathaway: I'm a white guy who's never left the USA but my African tribal tattoo really defines me. Thank you!
  • INK INC: Get a hot girl tattooed on your lower leg and you'll have jerk-off material for life.
  • Harvey Pritchard: No! My lucky horseshoe turned septic!
  • INK INC: Come on guys, nothing says you've worked through your Oedipus complex like a "mother" tattoo
  • INK INC: Tip us the first time, we won't push so hard the second time.
  • INK INC: The "Lion on the shoulder" - our best selling drunk tattoo last month!
  • Steve Welby: I put on 50 pounds and now the skull on my stomach looks like a pepperoni pizza :(
  • INK INC: Tourists take home a souvenir you won't forget - a Los Santos tattoo!
  • INK INC: We don't want ink your stink! Please shower before you come in.
  • INK INC: Why do big guys always cry the loudest?
  • INK INC: Show how in touch you are with your spiritual side by getting a huge Chinese dragon burned onto your back.
  • INK INC: A tattoo isn't just a fashion statement, it's a permanent display of how self-absorbed you are.
  • INK INC: Middle class white kids, we've got all your favorite gang symbols!
  • INK INC: You're never too young to get a tattoo. It'll still look great when you're 70, honest!