Intensive Care

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Intensive Care
Game GTA San Andreas
For Ken Rosenberg
Location Las Venturas
Reward $5000, Respect
Unlocks The Meat Business
Unlocked by Don Peyote

Intensive Care is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas given by Ken Rosenberg to protagonist Carl Johnson from his office in Caligula's Palace.


Kent Paul has persuaded Rosenberg to explain all of his problems to Carl, to see if he can help. Rosie explains: he had everything -- the money, the girls, but he couldn't lay off the blow. After coming out of rehab, he started representing the Liberty City mob (again). The 3 mob families (Leone, Forelli and Sindacco) all own part of Caligula's, and they couldn't decide between themselves who should run the casino. Therefore, Rosie was put forward as a neutral party and if one mob screws the other, Rosie will be killed. So the current situation is: Johnny Sindacco is in a shock induced coma in the hospital across town. This is a good opportunity for the Forellis to waste him.


Go to the hospital across town and pickup Johnny Sindacco! Johnny Sindacco was the guy Carl scared in the mission Fender Ketchup, in where he was tied to the windshield of a Feltzer and was driven around The Strip. Stop in the red marker, and Carl speaks to the receptionist. She says there must be some mistake, because Johnny Sindacco was picked up by an ambulance a short moment ago. There are 3 ambulances driving around the city, each represented by a red blip on the radar. One of those ambulances has Johnny Sindacco inside -- get a fast vehicle and find that ambulance before it escapes. The ambulance with Johnny Sindacco inside is completely random (i.e., if you keep re-doing the mission, it won't always be the same ambulance). Ram the ambulance to see the driver's reaction. A message will appear on-screen to tell you if you have hit the right one. When you hit the correct ambulance, it will speed off with Johnny Sindacco inside. Give chase, and ram it constantly but do not shoot the vehicle. Eventually, two mobsters will get out of the ambulance and attack. Waste them, and take Johnny back to the meat factory. Two cars will chase and attack, but they shouldn't cause much harm. Stop in the red marker and watch as two Sindacco mobsters take Johnny inside on a wheelchair. The mission is then completed.