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The Introduction to Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories is the opening cut scene that begins when the game has loaded. The cut scene can not be controlled by the player but can be skipped to the beginning of the mission Home Sweet Home.

Cut Scene

The cut scene begins with a coach pulling up to Punk Noodles in Chinatown on Portland Island, Liberty City. The protagonist, Toni Cipriani, gets off with a suitcase in hand. Toni walks to a payphone and calls a taxi, which takes him to Salvatore Leone's Gentleman's Club in Saint Marks. Toni meets with Salvatore, the Don of the Leone Family, who thanks him for what he did and for laying low. Salvatore tells Toni to take it easy and to work for Vincenzo Cilli. Toni is reluctant to take orders from Vincenzo and disagrees with Salvatore. Salvatore persuades Toni to work for Vincenzo, who then tells Toni to drive him to his warehouse in Atlantic Quays.


Salvatore Leone: Hey... So there he is, huh? So listen, Toni, I know you did a good thing for us, and I know you've been lying low for a long time, so I want you to take it easy a while, huh? Vincenzo will look after you. You need some money, ask him. You need a job - Lucky will take care of you. What more could a family guy ask for? Even my son don't got it so good.

Toni Cipriani: But, Mr. Leone, I though we got history, I mean I've done a lot for this family. And now, you're expecting me to take orders from this... this... this... Well, it just doesn't seem... right.

Salvatore Leone: Toni, I know what you did, and no one is more grateful than me, honestly, but the idea that you walk here and start to question my leadership right away is, quite frankly, out of order. Capiche?

Toni Cipriani: I understand, boss.

Salvatore Leone: So when you need somethin, give Vincenzo a call down at the Atlantic Quay. He'll take care of you. Won't you Lucky?

Vincenzo Cilli: Of course, boss. Anything you say. Tell you what; we can go there now.


There is no monetary reward for the introduction. The ending of the cutscene unlocks the first mission of Liberty City Stories, Home Sweet Home.

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