Isiah Friedlander

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Isiah Friedlander
[[Image::File:IsiahFriedlander-GTAV.jpg| ]]
Appearances GTA V
Full Name Isiah Friedlander


Gender Gender::Male
Date of Death 2013
Nationality American
Home Del Perro Beach, Los Santos
Main Affiliations Michael De Santa (patient)
Vehicles Comet
Businesses Licenced therapist
Voiced by Bryan Scott Johnson

Dr. Isiah Friedlander is a character in the HD Universe appearing in Grand Theft Auto V.


Dr. Friedlander is a licenced therapist. He is based out of Mount Zonah Medical Center; however, Dr. Friedlander operates his practice from his beach home in Del Perro Beach. Michael De Santa is one of Dr. Friedlander's patients, where he is diagnosed with an addiction to chaos. At certain points during the game, the player may visit Dr. Friedlander's office, and the player can accept or reject the doctor's advice. Dr. Friedlander usually keeps the sessions short, typically cutting them off whenever Michael is about to have an epiphany. The first session cost $500; however, subsequent sessions increase in price. A group session with Michael's family cost him $4,000.

After the end of the game, if Michael is still alive, Dr. Friedlander reveals to Michael he can't be his therapist anymore, and that he's going to be a TV star. At this point Dr. Friedlander takes off in his car, and Michael has a choice to either let him go or kill him. If spared, a Weazel News report reveals that he was murdered before his TV show could air, presumably by another former patient.

Mission appearances


  • Dr. Friedlander bears a slight resemblance to famous painter and TV personality Bob Ross.
  • When the player completes the final mission, he receives a psychological evaluation from Dr. Friedlander's office, outlining the player's spending habits and how time outside of missions was spent.