It's War

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This mission starts with a rather humorous cutscene. One of the lawyers from Goldberg's office (you'll know him from the mid-game main story mission Final Interview) will be hanging out with Billy Grey. Billy makes a remark suggesting that it's ironic given that the man hangs with the bikers during the weekends covered in tattoos yet goes into work during the week in a suit covering them up. The lawyer accepts a bong toke and nearly chokes to death when Billy informs him that he laced it with a ton of mescaline, stating that the guy could be high for days. In the midst of this, Johnny walks in and tells the lawyer to "fuck off" so he can speak privately with Billy. While conversing, Billy receives a text message informing him that members of the Lost MC are currently being beaten up by the AOD members. Time to spring to action.

You drive to the scene and find a plethora of AOD members in the area. After eliminating all of them, you're ordered back onto your bike and to another location, where a larger concentration of AOD members are holed up. After eliminating the giant amount of enemies at this abandoned site, you're again ordered back to your bike where a cutscene occurs. It appears as if the member you met early in the game, Jason Michaels, has been killed by an Eastern European (Niko Bellic, protagonist of the GTA IV main story, specifically the mission No Love Lost given by Mikhail Faustin). Billy Grey talks up Jason's character and everyone downs a beer before smashing the empty bottles on the ground. Billy vows revenge and talks briefly of loyalty, mostly looking towards Johnny during this discussion. Once his speech concludes, so does the mission.

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