It's War

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It's War
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Game The Lost and Damned
For Billy Grey
Target The Angels of Death Bikers
Location Alderney
Unlocks Action/Reaction
Unlocked by Angels in America

It's War is a mission in The Lost and Damned. It is given by Billy Grey to Johnny Klebitz.


This opening cutscene shows Billy Grey talking to a Dave Grossman, a member who is also a lawyer for Goldberg, Ligner and Shyster. Billy casually offers Dave a bong hit, which he spiked with mescaline causing Grossman to go on a high that Billy says he "could be trippin for days". Johnny enters and has to talk to Billy, telling Dave to "fuck off" so he can speak privately with Billy. While conversing about the club's business and their relationship, Billy receives a text message informing him that members of The Lost were attacked by AOD members.


Drive out to the scene in Algonquin and find a plethora of AOD members in the area. Since this can be a mostly long range fight, you should call Jim Fitzgerald before the mission to have him leave a fullly loaded Micro-SMG on the second floor of the Lost MC Clubhouse. After eliminating all of them, you're ordered back onto your bike. Follow Billy Grey to another location, where a larger concentration of AOD members are holed up. Some of them have taken to the higher ground, on the catwalks, so watch out for them. Make good use of the multitude of explosive barrels and gas tanks to kill larges amounts of enemies at once. Move forward with the members, clearing out AODs in the abandoned building to the left, until you reach the back, where some Gang Burritos will arrive. Kill the AODs coming out of them.

After eliminating the giant amount of enemies at this abandoned site, you're again ordered back to your Hexer, where a cutscene occurs. It appears as if the member you met early in the game, Jason Michaels, has been killed by an Eastern European (Niko Bellic, protagonist of the GTA IV main story, specifically the mission No Love Lost given by Mikhail Faustin). Billy Grey gives a brief speech Jason's character and everyone downs a beer before smashing the empty bottles on the ground. Billy vows revenge and talks briefly of loyalty and following the leader's decisions, mostly looking towards Johnny during this discussion. Once his speech concludes, so does the mission.


  • If Johnny abandons his bike,he will get a ride back to the clubhouse by Billy,and he will fail the mission.
  • It is possible to save the bikers engaged in the shootout, it is hard, due to them being under heavy fire from AoD members, and having health like a normal pedestrian. The player needs heavy weapons like the M4/AK-47 to kill the AoD members fast enough to make sure they can escape to their bikes and drive off.
  • News reports of the GTA IV mission "Roman's Sorrow" will appear on the internet and radio after this mission. This is to move the story along faster as TLAD moves to Bohan after It's War, bringing it in line with Niko's story. As noted above, the events of No Love Lost take place either current with or shortly before this mission.
  • When outside of the Angles of Death clubhouse, if you look behind the two vans, you can see custom flame decal bikes. These can be saved if the player drives away with the bike and parks it in the safe zone, then goes back and shoots a Lost member to fail the mission.