It's Your Call

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It's Your Call
For Roman Bellic
Location Hove Beach, Schottler Broker Liberty City

  • Getting shot by the loan sharks
  • Roman's death
  • Destruction of Roman's taxi
  • Block hardware store entrance
  • Neglect to warn Roman of loan sharks
  • Aim at or harm loan sharks
  • Block loan sharks' path with vehicle
  • Pulling the loan shark driver out of the car after evading them
Reward $30
Unlocks Three's a Crowd
Unlocked by The Cousins Bellic

It's Your Call is a mission in Grand Theft Auto IV. It reveals Roman's gambling addiction, and also introduces Cell Phone usage in the game.

Quick walkthrough

1) Drive Roman to his back-room gambling spot.
2) Watch the front for the Albanian loan sharks and warn Roman.
3) Evade the loan sharks and get back to the taxi firm.

Detailed walkthrough

Drive Roman

In the opening scene, Roman introduces Mallorie Bardas, an employee and his girlfriend. Shortly afterward, Vladimir Glebov introduces himself, and mentions that Roman should pay his debts.

Roman asks Niko Bellic to drive him to the hardware store on Dillon Street in Schottler. The player must enter the taxi and follow the GPS route to the destination. Along the way, Roman reveals that the hardware store is a front for a back-room gambling racket. He also reveals that the money he's using to play is money that he owes to the Albanian loan sharks.


Upon arriving, Roman gives Niko his old Cell Phone, with his new phone number already programmed into it. He asks Niko to serve as a lookout and watch for the Albanian loan sharks in a beige Willard, and to call him if they arrive. He also warns Niko not to hurt them.

If the player remains in the car, he or she will soon receive a call from Roman, raving about what good luck he's having. Shortly thereafter, a beige Willard pulls up to the curb across the street and the Albanian occupants step out. The player must call Roman to warn him.

Evasion and escape

Roman will sneak out the back door, and jump into the taxi. The player must get Roman back to his office, but he reminds Niko that he isn't to hurt the loan sharks, as this will only infuriate his debtors. (The player will also fail the mission.)

The player must follow the GPS route back to the office, drive into the marker, and then complete the short lesson on Cell Phone usage in order to complete the mission.


  • Before you trigger the first mission for Roman, the door of the card room is always open (you can find people here) and you can go inside. After you trigger the mission its closed forever in the single player mode.
  • If you slowly follow the loan sharks going inside the card room, you can go into the interior of the building, which is just a dark room with a table with chairs around it. Doing this will of course fail the mission for alerting the Albanians. However, you will not be set as sitting in Roman's Taxi or getting off a bus with Roman, allowing you to steal the Willard early on, making it easy to get it instead of finding one
  • According dialogue with Roman after the game, books of Car Jabowitz he read didn't help him to win in poker.

Mission Script

Roman [to radio] Come on, big guy - either do some work or get out of here.

       We don't need jokers.

Radio Screw you. Roman [to radio] Screw you! [to Mallorie] Baby... when I look into your eyes,

       it means something. I see little Romans, I see little Mallories, I see
       stars, I see angels. In my homeland we have a saying...

Radio Yeah, we got one too. You're a fag! Roman Shit... [drops the radio] Mal Jesus, Roman, you fuckin' idiota. How can I take you seriously? Niko [enters] Very difficult, I think... Hello, Roman! Hello, Miss... Roman Mallorie, this is my cousin I tell you about, Niko... Mal Hi. Roman Niko, this is Mallorie, the beautiful girl I tell you about... See? Not

       everything I tell you was bullshit.

Mal I bet most of it was. Roman Hey! Mal I hope you're less full of shit than your cousin over here. Niko Thank you. Roman This is the woman that I'm going to marry! Mal Huh! Whatever you say. Vlad [enters] I thought you were going to marry me, baby? Mal Hey, Vlad. Roman Hey... Vlad... great! You're fuckin' crazy, man. Vlad You should lose a few pounds - otherwise this beautiful lady is going

       to leave you.

Roman I know... I'm a fat prick, what can I do? Vlad Pay your debts? Roman I... I will do man. We spoke of this. Vlad No, we didn't speak. You spoke then you say your phone out of

       batteries. You treat me like a bitch.

Roman Never! I'd treat you like an idiot, not a bitch, eh? Vlad I guess it's true... the beautiful women do like the guys with the

       funny sense of humor. Ho ho. I'm laughing.

Roman I'll get you the money. Vlad I know. And Roman... tell this fucking yokel here if he doesn't stop

       staring at me, I'll have his head chopped off and put a film of it on
       the internet! [exits]

Mal Ouch... Roman Ah... all good... great... Mal Hah! Yeah, fantastic! Look, say what you like, but at least that guy

       knows how to speak to a lady.

Roman Yes, he's all charm. Come on Niko, let's go. Darling... I'll see you

       later. I've got to take my cousin around some more, get him settled...


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