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The following is the sript for the mission "It's Your Call" in Grand Theft Auto IV.

Mission Script

Roman [to radio]: Come on, big guy - either do some work or get out of here. We don't need jokers.

Radio: Screw you.

Roman: [to radio] Screw you! [to Mallorie] Baby... when I look into your eyes, it means something. I see little Romans, I see little Mallories, I see stars, I see angels. In my homeland we have a saying...

Radio: Yeah, we got one too. You're a fag!

Roman: Shit... [drops the radio]

Mal: Jesus, Roman, you fuckin' idiota. How can I take you seriously?

Niko: [enters] Very difficult, I think... Hello, Roman! Hello, Miss...

Roman: Mallorie, this is my cousin I tell you about, Niko...

Mal: Hi.

Roman: Niko, this is Mallorie, the beautiful girl I tell you about... See? Not everything I tell you was bullshit.

Mal: I bet most of it was.

Roman: Hey!

Mal: I hope you're less full of shit than your cousin over here.

Niko: Thank you.

Roman: This is the woman that I'm going to marry!

Mal: Huh! Whatever you say.

Vlad: [enters] I thought you were going to marry me, baby?

Mal: Hey, Vlad.

Roman: Hey... Vlad... great! You're fuckin' crazy, man.

Vlad: You should lose a few pounds - otherwise this beautiful lady is going to leave you.

Roman: I know... I'm a fat prick, what can I do?

Vlad: Pay your debts?

Roman: I... I will do man. We spoke of this.

Vlad: No, we didn't speak. You spoke then you say your phone out of batteries. You treat me like a bitch.

Roman: Never! I'd treat you like an idiot, not a bitch, eh?

Vlad: I guess it's true... the beautiful women do like the guys with the funny sense of humor. Ho ho. I'm laughing.

Roman: I'll get you the money.

Vlad: I know. And Roman... tell this fucking yokel here if he doesn't stop staring at me, I'll have his head chopped off and put a film of it on the internet! [exits]

Mal: Ouch...

Roman: Ah... all good... great...

Mal: Hah! Yeah, fantastic! Look, say what you like, but at least that guy knows how to speak to a lady.

Roman: Yes, he's all charm. Come on Niko, let's go. Darling... I'll see you later. I've got to take my cousin around some more, get him settled...

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