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The following is a script of Jamaican Heat in Grand Theft Auto IV.



(Niko pick ups Little Jacob)

Little Jacob: Alright breda, forward a Dillon Street, in Schottler. Ya Niko? The one me man Roman's been talking about all this time? Cousin Niko, gonna help Roman take over de world and ting?

Niko Bellic: I guess so.

Little Jacob: Respect. Alright, alright. We going to this spot where I need ya to wait for I, seen? I gotta ask ya another favor, too.

Nico Bellic: Go for it.

Little Jacob: Can you take dis piece? Ya hear any ting bad going down, you come and help, sight?

Niko Bellic: Are you worried about this? I know how to use a gun if you want me to keep watch on things.

Little Jacob: Realness brother, you are me man Roman's cousin. Thanks, respect. This ras clot has a rukus with me breden Real Badman de other day. I want to make peace, but Jah know what type of shit they might pull off.

(Arriving at the location)

Little Jacob: Alright. Thre be a spot up there. Watch out for any badness.

Niko Bellic: Sure.

(Three gang members arrive)

Little Jacob: What dis? I thought there was only going to be one of yous coming?

Gang Member: Jacob, Jacob, Jacob... we have to teach Badman his lesson and ting.

(They start shooting)

Little Jacob: Shit, Niko. Get these bloodclots.

Gang Member: Rhaatid, someone be inna de ground.