January Natasha Vasquez

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January Natasha Vasquez
[[Image::File:JanuaryNatashaVasquez-GTAIV.JPG| ]]
Appearances [[Appearance::Grand Theft Auto IV]]
Full Name January Natasha Vasquez
Gender Gender::Female
Date of Birth 1986
Place of Birth Liberty City
Age Now 31
Nationality American
Home Liberty City
Family Alfonso Vasquez (father)
Mrs. Vasquez (mother)
Alfonso Vasquez Jr. (brother)
Main Affiliations Alfonso Vasquez
Vehicles Tropic

January Natasha Vasquez is a character in the GTA IV era.

January Natasha Vasquez is the daughter of millionaire Alfonso Vasquez. Her father is a drug baron, dealing in cocaine, while she herself is a cocaine addict. She is an Algonquin socialite and is well known in the party circuit. January starred as a contestant on the gameshow "Are You An Idiot Bitch?" where despite losing, she found out about the month which shares her name. Stupid as she is, she believed it was named for her. She resides in a vast 23-room penthouse in the Star Junction district in Algonquin in which she paid $40million for. January used to live in Mulholland, Los Santos with her mother before achiving 'Pop-Culture' fame for being a Celebutante Socialite. January is best friends with fellow heiresses and socialites Jill Von Crastenburg and Cloe Parker and good friends with many A-list celebrities like Bruce Spade and Poppy Mitchell, she frequent's Liberty City hotspot Bahama Mamas (in which she claim's to have had 'sexual relations' with a unnamed employee after hours in the VIP area). January Vasquez was ranked #2 on the 'Rouge Magazine Top 100 Sexiest Skanks'.

One possible inspiration for her character is Kim Kardashian - both are glamorous models and reality television personalities, and also both come from extremely wealthy families (Kim being the daughter of famous attorney Robert Kardashian).

LCPD Database information

Surname: Vasquez

First Name: January Natasha

Age: 22

Place of Birth: Algonquin, Liberty City

Affiliations: N/A

Criminal Record:

  • 2005 - Driving While Intoxicated
  • 2007 - Possession Controlled Substance: Cocaine


  • Daughter of millionaire Alfonso Vasquez, suspected to be in control of an incternational drug ring.
  • Algonquin socialite, well known on the Liberty City party circuit.
  • History of problems with drugs and alcohol.