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Jeff (right) with Niko Bellic (left)

Jeff, or Jeff the Cuckold in the credits, is a character voiced by Harry Chase in Grand Theft Auto IV who is paranoid about his (soon to be ex-)wife sleeping with other men. He asks Niko Bellic to take pictures of his wife and her boyfriend together. After waiting, he calls Niko and asks him for help with a job. He has killed his wife and asks Niko to dump her body in the Humboldt River. After that he tells Niko he needs help with another job. Niko tells Jeff to calm down, which angers Jeff more and causes him to run into the road, only to be hit and is road killed by a car driven by a pedestrian, thus dumping much cash on the ground next to Jeff's body. Also, after Jeff is killed by the driver he will exit the car and examine Jeff's body. After seeing he is dead he will call the cops and in a british accent explains that he has run some "chap" over. The police tell him to hold, he then jumps into his vehicle and flees the crime scene.