Jezz Torrent

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Jezz Torrent
[[Image::File:JezzTorrent-GTAVC.jpg| ]]
Appearances GTA Vice City
Full Name Jezz Torrent
Gender Gender::Male
Nationality British
Home Vice City
Main Affiliations Tommy Vercetti
Businesses Love Fist
Voiced by Kevin McKidd

Jezz Torrent is the lead singer for the Scottish hair metal band Love Fist in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. He is presumably the leader of Love Fist. Jezz Torrent's name is yet another sex joke from Rockstar Games; Jezz is pronounced "jizz" if spoken in a Scottish accent and "jizz" is slang for semen. Thus, "Jezz Torrent" means "torrent of semen". Jezz Torrent is the only member of Love Fist that appears in all the Love Fist missions. Jezz Torrent is depicted as a shirtless black glove wearing singer in GTA Vice City. He used to have sex with sheep, according to fellow band member Percy in the mission "Psycho Killer". Torrent was voiced by Kevin McKidd.

Jezz Torrent has a star in the Vinewood Walk of Fame.

Artwork of Jezz Torrent.

Mission appearances

GTA Vice City