Jimmy De Santa

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James De Santa
[[Image::File:Jimmy&Michael-GTAV-secondtrailer.jpg| ]]
Appearances GTA V
Full Name James De Santa
Aliases Jimmy
James Townley (former name)
Gender Gender::Male
Date of Birth 1993
Age Now 24
Nationality American
Home Rockford Hills, Los Santos, San Andreas
Family Michael (father)
Amanda (mother)
Tracey (sister)
Vehicles BeeJay XL (repossessed)
Voiced by Danny Tamberelli

James "Jimmy" De Santa is a character in Grand Theft Auto V. Portrayed as a 20-year-old young whiny adult who spends most of his days smoking marijuana, playing video games, and masturbating, he is the dysfunctional son of protagonist Michael and his wife Amanda, with his younger sister Tracey. Jimmy does not have a good relationship with his family, as he blames Michael for his problems, and he constantly argues with Tracey; however, he seemingly does not have any major conflict with his mother.

Mission appearances


  • He has a neck tattoo that reads "entitled".
  • Jimmy is possibly the character "Kevin de Silva" from a leaked casting call believed to pertain to GTA V, with a simple name change for both him and his protagonist father.