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James Pegorino
[[Image::File:JimmyPegorinoGTAIV.jpg| ]]
Appearances [[Appearance::Grand Theft Auto IV]]
Full Name James Pegorino
Aliases Jimmy, Jimmy P., Jimmy the Peg, Peg, Skipper, Jimmy the Guido
Gender Gender::Male
Date of Birth 1957
Place of Birth Alderney City, Alderney
Date of Death [[Error: Invalid time.|2008 (age 52)]]
Age at Death
Nationality [[Italian-American|Italian-American]]
Home Westdyke, Alderney
Family Angie Pegorino (wife)
Deceased son (suicide)
Main Affiliations The Pegorino crime family
The Irish mob
Ray Boccino
Phil Bell
Vehicles Cognoscenti, Schafter
Businesses Proprietor of Honkers strip club
Voiced by Tony Patellis

James "Jimmy" Pegorino was the 52-year old boss of the Alderney/Pegorino crime family.

Jimmy Pegorino is voiced by Tony Patellis.


Pegorino first asks Bellic to accompany him on a meeting with the Pavano crime family. Pegorino is suspicious of the Pavanos, and asks Bellic to watch over the meeting with a sniper rifle. A group of Pavanos attempt to murder Pegorino, but succeed only in killing his bodyguards, Big Pete and Marco. Bellic eventually escapes with Pegorino, killing many of the Pavanos in the process. In retaliation, Pegorino orders Bellic to attack a group of Pavanos at the Auto Eroticar dealership.

Later, Pegorino finds out that his bodyguard, Anthony Corrado, has become an informant. Pegorino calls Corrado, who suffers a heart attack while talking to him on the phone. An increasingly paranoid Pegorino then holds an arriving Niko Bellic at gunpoint, ordering Bellic to murder Corrado at the hospital.

Later in the storyline, Pegorino finds out that there is another "rat" in his organization. Believing that one of his capos, Ray Boccino, may be the culprit, he orders Bellic to murder him. Pegorino later asks Bellic to take part in a heroin deal with his old nemesis, Dimitri Rascalov. Pegorino's role in the ending of the storyline is dependent upon Bellic's choice:

  • If Bellic chooses to take part in the heroin deal with Rascalov, Rascalov eventually betrays Pegorino, much as he betrayed Bellic and Mikhail Faustin, and steals the heroin. Rascalov sends an assassin to the wedding of Roman Bellic and Mallorie Bardas to eliminate Niko, but Roman is killed in the crossfire. Niko tracks Rascalov and Pegorino to an abandoned casino, where Rascalov shoots Pegorino point blank in the face.
  • If Bellic refuses to take part in the deal, he arrives at the docks in Broker and murders Rascalov. In retaliation, Pegorino attempts to murder Bellic, but instead shoots Bellic's girlfriend, Kate McReary, in the stomach at Roman Bellic and Mallorie Bardas' wedding. Niko later finds and pursues Pegorino, finally killing him on Happiness Island.

Mission Appearances

Murders committed by Pegorino

  • Kate McReary (only in "Revenge" storyline) - attempts to murder Niko Bellic, but instead shoots McReary in the stomach.

LCPD Database Information



First Name:




Place of Birth:

Alderney City, Alderney


Pegorino Crime Syndicate

Criminal Record:

1973 - Grand Theft Auto

1974 - Possession Stolen Property

1976 - Armed Robbery

1979 - Grand Larceny

1981 - Promoting Gambling

1985 - Hijacking

1988 - Manslaughter

2005 - Racketeering


  • During the game's final battle, Pegorino has 100% body armor, as well as 200% health (about twice as much health as a normal enemy), allowing him to sustain about three times as much damage as a standard enemy. However, he is only equipped with a Glock 17.