Johnny Klebitz

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Johnny Klebitz
[[Image::File:Johnny KlebitzLATD.jpg| ]]
Appearances [[Appearance::Grand Theft Auto IV
The Lost and Damned]]
Full Name Johnny Klebitz
Gender Gender::Male
Date of Birth [[Error: Invalid time.|1974 (age 34)]]
Place of Birth Acter, Liberty City
Age Now
Nationality American
Home Alderney, Liberty City
Main Affiliations The Lost Brotherhood; Ray Boccino; Elizabeta Torres; Playboy X
Businesses Drugs trade
Voiced by Scott Hill

Johnny Klebitz is the acting head of the The Lost Brotherhood biker gang in Grand Theft Auto IV and is the protagonist of the first episode of Downloadable Content, The Lost and Damned.

Johnny became leader of the gang standing in for incarcerated leader, Billy Grey. He has been able to keep relative peace with rival biker gang, The Angels of Death.

He was introduced to Niko Bellic by Elizabeta Torres who wanted Niko, along with Playboy X, to accompany Klebitz to a heroin deal. It turned out that the dealers they were meeting were undercover LCPD officers and a gunfight ensued in which Klebitz escaped.

Shortly after, "A Biker" is referred to in a text message from Roman, whom kidnapped him for Dimitri, after he is rescued by Niko from the warehouse in Bohan. If this biker was Johnny, his motives could have been to have revenge on Niko for killing Jason Michaels , a fellow member of The Lost Brotherhood on orders of Mikhail Faustin in the mission No Love Lost.

Later on, Pegorino Capo Ray Boccino had Klebitz accompany Niko to a diamond deal with the Jewish Mob, Klebitz betrays Boccino and Niko during the deal when Luis Fernando Lopez ambushes them. Luis takes the diamonds while Johnny steals the money. The diamonds are then passed on to the Ancelotti Family.

Johnny Klebitz is voiced by Scott Hill.