Jon Gravelli

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Jon Gravelli
[[Image::File:GTAIV5.png| ]]

[[Appearance::Grand Theft Auto IV

The Ballad of Gay Tony (Mentioned Online)]]
Full Name Jon Gravelli
Gender Gender::Male
Date of Birth 1923
Place of Birth Meadow Hills, Liberty City
Date of Death [[Error: Invalid time.|2008 (age 85)]]
Age at Death
Nationality [[Italian American|Italian American]]
Home Liberty City
Family Jon Gravelli, Jr. (Son)
Sonny Cangelosi (Uncle, deceased)
Main Affiliations Gambetti Family
The Commission
Jon Gravelli, Jr.
U.L. Paper
Niko Bellic
Voiced by Madison Arnold

Jon Gravelli was an old school and well connected Mafia boss in Grand Theft Auto IV.


Gravelli took charge of the Gambetti Family in 1978 after the death of Sonny Cangelosi. The Gambetti Family became one of the most powerful of Liberty City's Mafia families under Gravelli's leadership. He had a son, Jon Gravelli, Jr., who was a former associate of the Gambetti's but was disowned after he developed a cocaine addiction.

Since 2005, he was a patient in Schottler Medical Center. He was charged with racketeering in 2006 and was awaiting trial. In 2008, Gravelli was introduced to Niko Bellic via cellphone through his contact at U.L. Paper who is referred to as a "mutual friend". It was through his and U.L Paper's assistance that Niko is able to have Darko Brevic delivered to him. After Niko has taken his revenge on Dimitri Rascalov or Jimmy Pegorino, Gravelli passes away peacefully in his sleep, prior to standing trial. JonGravelliGTAIV.jpg

LCPD record

  • Surname: Gravelli
  • First Name: Jon
  • Age: 85
  • Place of Birth: Meadow Hills, Liberty City
  • Affiliations: Gambetti Crime Syndicate
  • Criminal Record:
    • 1940 - Possession Gambling Records
    • 1942 - Promoting Gambling
    • 1942 - Assault
    • 1944 - Grand theft Auto
    • 1946 - Attempted Murder
    • 1949 - Bribery
    • 1990 - Racketeering and Murder
    • 1992 - Obstruction of Justice
    • 2006 - Racketeering
  • Notes:
    • Head of the Gambetti Crime Syndicate since the death of Sonny Cangelosi in 1978.
    • Indicted several times but never convicted of a serious crime.
    • Resident of the Schottler Medical Center for the last 3 years due to an allegedly serious illness.

Mission Appearances


  • He is currently the oldest character the the Grand Theft Auto series, being born in 1923.