Joseph Daniel O'Toole

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Joseph Daniel O'Toole
[[Image::File:JDO'TooleGTALCS.jpg| ]]
Appearances [[Appearance:: Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories]]
Full Name Joseph Daniel O'Toole
Aliases JD
The Tool
Gender Gender::Male
Place of Birth Liberty City
Date of Death [[Error: Invalid time.|1998, in Liberty City]][[DOD::1998, in Liberty City| ]]
Nationality [[Irish-American|Irish-American]]
Family Unnamed uncle
Main Affiliations Leone Family
Sindacco Family
Toni Cipriani
Paulie Sindacco
Businesses Paulie's Revue Bar
Voiced by Greg Wilson

Joseph Daniel "JD" O'Toole is an Irish-Italian overweight pervert who runs Paulie's Revue Bar in the Red Light District of Portland Island.

JD O'Toole was voiced by Greg Wilson.


Early in GTA Liberty City Stories, JD is depicted as an outcast within the ranks of the Sindacco Family for not being full-blooded Italian and is upset that they have not "made" him yet. The disgruntled JD becomes a mole for the Leone Family and starts leaking them information.

He helps out by thwarting an attempted assassination of Salvatore Leone, tipping Toni Cipriani off to an assault on a Leone gaming house, and helping to blow up the Sindacco's brothel/casino (The 'Dolls' House). These victories eventually lead to a gang war in the Red Light District, where the Leones manage to drive the Sindaccos out of the area (and out of Portland in general). Paulie's Revue Bar comes "under new management" and is later converted into Luigi's Sex Club 7.

JD was once arrested for statutory rape, even though the girl he slept with was said to be 18. He was also suspected of downloading child pornography, but was never arrested for it. At first, Toni finds him revolting, but they develop a bit of camaraderie as JD's info leads to Toni's rapid ascension within the Leones.

JD is killed on the day of his "made" ceremony. He is lured to a secluded area beside the car crusher in Harwood and shot at the back of the head by a Leone enforcer, Mickey Hamfists - under Salvatore's orders; the ever-paranoid Salvatore could never trust a former snitch. JD and the car where he is killed in are then dumped into the sea (of the player's choice). JD's execution (getting shot in the back of the head inside a car in a secluded area while on an apparent assignment) is much like the execution of Paulie Gatto in the novel and film "The Godfather". The fact that he is set up to be killed on the day he is to be made is also reminiscent of the film "Goodfellas."


  • Even though he was shot in the back of the head with a .357 and the car he was in was dumped in the river, his tombstone can be found at the Liberty City Cemetery.
  • JD's uncle was also a pedophille as suggested in cutscene diolouge.

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