Joseph Johnson

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Joseph Johnson, known as Joe Jon, is a road captain of the Liberty City chapter of The Angels of Death and is said to be a methamphetamine addict. It was said that Billy Grey put his nephew in a coma by cutting her legs off before he was taken down, in return Johnny gave them Billy's bike to avoid a war. Also, AOD dildos are modeled on "Joe Jon Johnson's johnson".

LCPD Database information

Surname: Johnson

First Name: Joseph "Joe Jon"

Age: 35

Place of Birth: Carcer City

Affiliations: Member of the Angels of Death OMG

Criminal Record:

  • 1988 - Resisting arrest
  • 1989 - Assault
  • 1992 - Assault
  • 1993 - Possession Controlled Substance: Heroin
  • 2007 - Possession Controlled Substance: Methamphetamine


  • Senior member of the Angels of Death OMG
  • Thought to be methamphetamine addict.