Jury Fury

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Jury Fury
Game GTA Vice City
For Ken Rosenberg
Target Jurors
Location Washington Beach
Reward $500
Unlocks Payphone Missions.

Jury Fury is the third mission in the game Grand Theft Auto: Vice City played for Ken Rosenberg.



Sonny Forelli got pissed off you still don't have his money, so to buy yourself a little more time you will have to do him a favor. Sonny's cousin, Giorgio Forelli is being trialed for tax fraud and he wants you to "persuade" the jurors into declaring him innocent.

The Mission

When the mission starts, a handyman will get run down by a man driving a Glendale, this will provide you a hammer. Go the first target at the Vice Point hospital. The jurors car will be parked in front, strike it with the hammer or shoot it until it's wrecked, as soon as the car has taken enough damage, the juror will show up and get intimidated by you in a cutscene.

Now for the second target, he's talking with a woman in a café at Ocean Drive. Go to him and attack him with a melee weapon, do not shoot him.Afterwards, he will get scared and run into his car, when he tries to drive away, a truck will hit his car and he'll get stuck, now move over to his car and smash it until he gets out and runs away. Mission Acomplished.


(Ken's office, Tommy Vercetti and Ken Rosenberg.)

(Tommy comes in, finds Ken asleep and then scares him by slamming the door behind him.)

Ken Rosenberg: Aaahh! Oh for god's sake, it's you! Oh, Jeez - I'm gonna need new pants! Hey, those psychos from up north - They've been on the horn, and they're coming down here soon! Now where is the goddamn money!?

Tommy Vercetti: Relax, relax. We're not at the part yet.

Ken: Oooh...I thought that you were taking care of this, I really did! And now those guidos say we gotta do them a favour.

Tommy: You mean I gotta to do 'em a favour.

Ken: Oh, of course that's what I mean. Do I look like I can intimidate a jury? I couldn't intimidate a child - And believe me, I've tried. Now look, It's either that or Forelli's cousin, Giorgio, gets five years for fraud. You gotta take these guys OUT!

Tommy: I understand. Help the jury change their minds. Don't worry about it

Ken: No no no no - NO! I tried that. The jury case didn't go so well. So MAKE them change their minds!

(Washington Beach, Tommy Vercetti)

Tommy: Alright, more crap to wipe up. What did I do wrong in a past life?

(A handyman is standing on the street when another man accidentally runs him over with a Glendale.)

Tommy: Dumb...Florida...moron, ha ha.

(Vice Point Hospital, Tommy and Juror 1.)

Juror 1: I can't believe this is happening!

Tommy: You remember Giorgio? You remember he's innocent.

Juror 1: Aaaah!

(Ocean Drive café, Tommy.)

Tommy: Innocent 'till I say otherwise.

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