Korean Manager

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Korean Manager
[[Image::File:kmanager.JPG| ]]
Appearances [[Appearance::Grand Theft Auto: IV]]
Full Name Korean Manager
Aliases The Manager
Gender Gender::Male
Date of Death [[Error: Invalid time.|2009 (if the player kills him)]]
Nationality [[Korean|Korean]]
Home Alderney City, Liberty City
Main Affiliations Kim Young-Guk, Midtown Gangsters
Businesses Mr. Fuk's Rice Box

The Korean manager is the manager of Mr. Fuk's Rice Box in Alderney City. In 2009, Niko Bellic enters the restaurant under orders of Mafia Don Jon Gravelli to assassinate a prominent member of the Midtown Gangsters, Kim Young-Guk. He and the manager were supposedly having a meeting when Niko arrived, but hearing the gunfire Kim attempted to flee. After killing many of Kim's henchmen, Niko enters the manager's office and interrogates him about Kim's whereabouts. The manager is at first stubborn, but after being threatened with a gun he reveals that Kim left through the kitchen. The player can then either kill the manager, beat him up, or let him live and continue the rest of the mission. None of these choices have any effect on the rest of the story, however it is advised to simply leave the manager alone as he will not attack you making it needless to waste time and ammo killing him.