Kung Fu Rainbow Lazer Force

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The Kung Fu Rainbow Lazer Force with the show's logo in the background.

Kung Fu Rainbow Lazer Force is a TV show appearing in Grand Theft Auto V on the Weazel network. The show is a parody of the Power Rangers franchise. The Kung Fu Rainbow Lazer Force are a group of upper-middle class, heterosexual, and virginal teenage/young adult superheroes who fight for family values with violence against the evils of homosexuality, premarital sex, and masturbation. The group's primary power is shooting energy blasts. Each member of the group wears a one-piece sleeveless uniform with a rainbow streak across the torso area, and each member has elements unique to his or her uniform.


  • Dirk: Lazer Force Red, an overweight Caucasian man with visible body hair who wears an American flag football helmet. His uniform has extra padding around the upper thighs and waist, similar to football pants, and his boots are similar to football cleats.
  • Quota: Lazer Force Green, a fit African-American man who wears a wrestling helmet.
  • Sebastian Kayden: Lazer Force Blue, a fit Caucasian man with no headgear. He is the only member of the group to use optic energy blasts.
  • Zoey: Lazer Force Yellow, a Chinese-American woman with no headgear. The top portion of her uniform is styled after a qípáo, and she wears ankle-high work boots.
  • Talullah: Lazer Force Pink, a blonde Caucasian woman who wears a motorcycle helmet and a mini-dress uniform. She is the only member not to have a pair of sunglasses, since her helmet has a visor and wears high-heeled boots.


  • Fox, Weazel's real-life counterpart, aired the Power Rangers series from its premiere in 1993 until 2002, when the franchise rights were sold to Disney.

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