Lacey Jonas

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Lacy Jonas
Appearances GTA V
Full Name Lacy Jonas
Gender Gender::Female
Vehicles Surano
Voiced by Bridget Burke

Lacy Jonas is a minor character appearing in Grand Theft Auto V. She is a famous actress who, according to "Sightseeing and Celebrity" on the GTA V website, is an "All-American romcom starlet" and heated rival of Poppy Mitchell.

Events of Grand Theft Auto V

Lacy Jonas is appears hiding down an alleyway from the paparazzi during a random event that occurs in Downtown Vinewood. When she is found by the player she asks you to drive her home. She requests you not kill any of the photographers, as it will bring negative attention towards her. Once the paparazzi have been lost, Lacey moans about how difficult it is to be famous, and explains that she has even exiled herself from her parents and spent millions of dollars in an attempt to lose her regional accent.

It is clear from the conversation with the protagonist during the random event that Lacey is anorexic. She believes that she is 'fat' and blames it on the French fries. According to Jonas, she would only smell the French fries but that even doing that would equate to 100 calories. The media satirise her over this, dubbing her 'Emacy Jonas' (a play on 'emaciated') and joke 'give that girl a hamburger'.

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