Last Requests

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Last Requests
Game: Grand Theft Auto III
Mission boss: Salvatore Leone
Start location: Saint Marks
Reward: $20,000

Last Requests is the final mission in the Portland strand of Grand Theft Auto III. It introduces Asuka Kasen and the Yakuza.

When Claude sees Salvatore again, he's pleased with Claude's efforts. However, despite what he said before, he has one last favor to do. Somebody was having trouble making a decision and the Leones tried to help, but one thing led to another and now there's a car covered with brains in the Red Light District. Salvatore wnats Claude to go and get rid of the car before the police find it.

Claude drives over to the car, but just before taking the street where it is, Maria pages him and says that he's been set up. She says she's over at Portland Beach and she needs to tell Claude more. Claude decides to trust Maria and drives over to see her.

Maria tells Claude that Salvatore set him up - the car was rigged with a bomb. Maria tells Claude that she told Salvatore that the two were an item, and Salvatore's paranoia got to him. Maria knows a place where they can stay that's away from Salvatore, and the two get on a boat and go over to Staunton Island.

Once there, they meet Asuka Kasen, the co-leader of the Liberty City Yakuza. She takes Claude in with open arms and tells him that she already has a hideout in this city for him a little while away. The missions ends, and so does the re-construction of the Callahan Bridge, which connects Portland to Staunton Island.

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