Late Checkout

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Late Checkout
Niko Bellic in the lobby of the Majestic Hotel.

Niko Bellic in the lobby of the Majestic Hotel.
For Ray Boccino
Target Isaac Roth
Location Middle Park
Fail Death or Arrest
Reward $11,000
Unlocked by No Way on the Subway

Late Checkout is a mission in Grand Theft Auto IV. It is given by Ray Boccino to Niko Bellic.


Ray has lost his money, his diamonds, and his temper. Niko finds him in the Italian Resturant, arguing with Isaac over the phone. He throws the phone at a waiter and demands that Niko go kill him at the hotel Isaac is staying at. Niko arrives at the hotel, fights his way through a number of guards, kills Isaac and two associates (one can be spared), and escapes the hotel.


Go to the Majestic Hotel in Lower Middle Park. In the lobby, you will find a set of elevators. Call them and you will be brought to the 30th floor. there is roughly 25 men between you and Isaac and the other two targets are on different levels of the penthouse. Fight your way through Isaac's muscle. The first target will be in the kitchen, you can either kill him or spare him. Go up a flight of stairs to find Isaac himself in his bedroom (he'll be sending his girl out; you can kill her or let her go). The third target and some more hitmen will be on the roof. Finish them off and escape the hotel as you will have a two star wanted level. There will still be Jewish mobsters trying to prevent your escape; one way is to flee to the roof and find the window elevator. The other way is to fight through the remaining Jewish Mobsters that respawned and take the elevator back down.


  • Right after killing Issac Roth, there is a staircase that leads to the roof. If you slowly walk up to the roof and keep an eye on the targets on the right, you can see them gathered around a petrol tank. Take advantage of this incredible tactical disadvantage of your enemies and shoot the tank. Enjoy the cutscene of flaming mobsters falling off the building.
  • An easier way to complete this mission is to leave the front entrance that the mission prompts you to enter. Instead of using the main elevator, go around the back of the hotel into the alley and you will find a window cleaning platform that will take you all the way to the roof of the hotel. You may then kill the diamond dealers from the roof down, allowing you to avoid the hallways of guards on your way to the penthouse. Take the same cleaning platform back down to street level after killing the 3 targets (there will be 3 additional guards on the roof as you leave the penthouse) and escape the area to complete the mission.
  • If you went the pathway up the stairs, when you kill the third target, keep your weapon at the ready, because more guards wait by the kitchen and living room.


  • Many of Issac Roth's bodyguards.
  • Issac Roth
  • Two of Issac's associates (one of them is optional).


  • If you push Isaac onto the stairs, he will die instantly for no reason.
  • Issac's girl and the Jewish Mobster that can be spared will only run out of the penthouse suite and stop. They won't run towards the elevator and descend.
  • If you used the elevator to descend to the lobby, everyone will flee except the receptionist and a worker.
  • Although the mission Weekend at Florian's is generally listed in walkthroughs as the final Ray mission, it is possible to do this mission after that one, depending on when Niko receives the phone call that triggers the Weekend mission.