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Leaf Links

Leaf Links is a golf course located in Vice City. Located in the inner middle area of Vice Beach, it is surrounded by sparkling water and beautiful condominiums. People of the more affluent type, such as Gonzales come here to relax, to make business deals, or to just get in shape. With an extensive golf course and several other sports-related areas, Leaf Links is a symbol of upper-crust society standard of living, save for those who get a pass card from someone. Firearms are not permitted on the course, and a metal-detector is located at the entrance of the course to prevent the entry of them, though some managed to get past this small inconvenience. A group of people, called Golfers, are constantly seen in the area, defending it with gang-like vigor when attacked.

To enter the golf course with weapons, a player can avoid the metal detector at the front door. To do this, the player needs to get a vehicle, preferably the Comet parked at the entrance and drive it so it is positioned by a hedge, then exit the vehicle and jump onto it and over the hedge.


  • The name Leaf Links is possibly a parody of Leith Links, a park in the greater Edinburgh area of Leith. Edinburgh is where Vice City's creators, Rockstar North are located