Liberty City Police Headquarters

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Liberty City Police Headquarters
Exterior of Liberty City Police Headquarters in Torrington.
Location: Torrington, Staunton Island
Use: Police Offices

Liberty City Police Headquarters or LCPD Headquarters is the headquarters of the Liberty City Police Department in Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto Advance and Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, located in the north of Torrington in Staunton Island, Liberty City. It is a building of some size that serves as the offices of the police in Staunton Island, which is a heliport on top for the landing of police helicopters, but even so is inaccessible to enter. Unlike the police station in Portland and Shoreside Vale, this is much higher and luxurious.


The police station has several entries, the first is on the right (according to the map and your location) where you can enter a vehicle or on foot, the second is to the south, which is made by stairs. The third entrance is located to the left which can be accessed via a ramp that is located next to City Hall, the entrance leads directly to the p of the commissioner where you can find several police vehicles. In GTA LCS once and have access to Staunton Island at times appear a helicopter on the helipad of the abyss of this building.

Because this police station is located in a place dominated by the Yakuza are often see problems between police and gangs.