Life's a Beach

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Life's a Beach

  • Prerequisites: Big Smoke Path OG Loc
  • Rewards: Respect
  • Unlockables: Dancing

OG Loc needs a sound system and he knows where to get it. He wants you to go to a beach party and steal the van that contains this sound system. You can only access this mission from 2200 to 0600.

  1. Head down to the beach and enter the pink marker. You must prove that you are worthy of entering the van by winning a dance contest. This works the same as the lowrider competition except you will be using the symbol buttons to do the dancing. Timing is everything to get a score of 4000 or better.
  2. Once you win the dance contest, the DJ invites you over to look at the sound equipment. This is your chance. Hop into the drivers seat and take the van. Of course, the rest of the people on the beach aren't happy with this so they will give chase.
  3. You must get the van to the lockup in Commerce to successfully complete the mission. It is easy to keep the pursuers at bay.