Light My Pyre

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Light My Pyre
Game GTA Vice City Stories
For Lance Vance
Target Armando Mendez
Location Escobar International Airport
Reward 2500$
Unlocks Over the Top

Light My Pyre is one of the last missions in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, given by Lance Vance.


Louise Cassidy-Williams pages Victor Vance, the protagonist of the game, about to date her in his brothers, Lance's apartment. When Vic arrives, Louise ain't there and he asks Lance about where she is. After a while Mary-Jo Cassidy, Louise's sister, appears and informs them about Louise being kidnapped by Armando Mendez and held in the Mendez's mansion at Prawn Island. After a short argument the Vance brothers leave the apartment and two Mendez goons are already waiting outside armed with rocket launchers. One of the Mendez goons tells the two to leave town and Armando will leave Louise alive and then one of them explodes Lance's Infernus with the rocket launcher. Lance has luckily a Biker Angel parked so he hops on the bike and drives towards Mendez's mansion. Vic has to follow him and so he finds a vehicle and follows. On the way a lot Mendez gang members in various Sentinel's will do some drive-by's. Lance makes it to the mansion and Vic has to follow and kill the Mendez goons outside the mansion. Once the goons are dead, Vic makes his way inside and sees Armando Mendez appearing with a flame thrower telling him that both Louise and Lance are dead. Vic kills Armando and goes upstairs to rescue Louise but she's injured badly and dies. Lance eventually wakes up and the mission is completed with 2500$ as reward.


(Vic goes to Lance's apartment.)

Vic: Louise!

Lance: Hey, Vic!

Vic: Hey. Hey, where's Louise?

Lance: I don't know... shit. If that bitch ripped us off. I'll rip her head off!

Vic: Hey, she's clean. Unlike you.

Lance: No, she is a drug addict, I'm just having fun. There's a difference.

Mary-Jo: Vic! Vic! They got Louise! They had me too... it was awful... all these men, all sweaty hot and well.. Nobody laid a finger on me, but.. they got Louise.

Vic: What? Who? Who's got Louise?

Mary-Jo: They goth her, and they said they'll kill her if you don't do what they want.

Vic: Who?

Mary-Jo: Armando Mendez... he wanted me too... I could see it in his eyes... these Latino men always like voluptuous women... I nearly got taken!

Vic: Alright, come on Lance, let's finish this!

Lance: Why? She's a train wreck, let him have her.

Vic: What? Are you serious?

Lance: Yeah, move on. Plenty more fishes on the sea, baby...

Vic: You get moving right now, or I shoot you first.

Lance: Alright, alright... I'm coming, I'm coming, don't worry about it.

Mary-Jo: Wait! I'm telling you, it was nearly me... one day, it'll be me! One day...

Vic: C'mon. Move it. Lance!

Lance: Man, We're wasting our time, bitch is dead already!

Mendez goon: Armando has got two things to say: 1 'Get out of Vice now and the girl lives.' 2....

(Mendez goon rocket launches Lance's car.)

Lance: MY CAAAAAAAR! I'm gonna tear Mendez apart.

(Lance stops outside Mendez's mansion.)

Lance: It's time for some Vance vengeance, baby!

Armando: DO NOT LET THEM IN! Barricade the door. Kill them. Kill this idiot!

Lance: Your mine mother-sucka!

(Vic outside Mendez's mansion attacked by enemies.)

Mendez goon: Die!

(Vic goes inside the mansion.)

Vic: Louise? Lance?

Armando: Do you think your hero enough to bring back the dead?

Vic: Where are they Armando?

Armando: They're upstairs resting... in peace! Would you like to join them?

Vic: If you've hurt them...

Armando: Señor, I assure you, they didn't feel a thing. Unfortunately, the same will not be said of you. Is that the best you've got?

(Vic rushes to Louise and she's about to die.)

Vic: Louise!

Louise: Hey... Vic.. you came for me... No one ever really did much for me before... that'ssss sweet of you...

Vic: Hey, hey, come on... listen, let's get you to a hospital.

Louise: I don't think... there's much point in that.

Vic: Come on, Louise!

Louise: We coulda had something... special.

Vic: Yeah.. no, we did have something special...

Louise: Make sure Mary-Jo takes care of my baby.

Vic: Oh, Louise... Louise....

Lance: Hey, Vic. I know you care for her man, but, she wasn't right for you. Vic, hey Vic... Family is what matter, oh damn. A'ight... A'ight... I'm gonna make it. I can make it. I know I can man...


  • You are rewarded 2500$ by completing this mission.

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