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|unlocks= [[That Special Someone]]
|unlocks= (with [[Pest Control]])<br>[[That Special Someone]]
|unlockedby=[[Dining Out]]
|unlockedby=[[Dining Out]]

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Liquidize the Assets
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For Jon Gravelli
Location Alderney
Reward $14500
Unlocks (with Pest Control)
That Special Someone
Unlocked by Dining Out

Liquidize the Assets is the final mission given to Niko by Jon Gravelli in Grand Theft Auto IV

Warning: if the Jimmy Pegorino mission strand has been completed (Pest Control), then completing this mission will trigger the start of the endgame missions. If the player is trying for 100% completion, all optional side missions (car thefts, shooting pigeons, finding stunt jumps, assassinations, etc) should be completed before triggering this mission. This is also likely the last chance to go on friendship outings or dates, too (and raising friendship levels to 100%, if desired) during the storyline.


Jon Gravelli is not too fond of the Russians, and he asks Niko to destroy their loot at the compound in Alderney City. Niko heads over to the compound and destroys the cocaine vans. Once they are all destroyed, the Russian Mafia will yell that Niko has cost them a lot of money. Niko escapes the compound and receives a happy call from Gravelli saying that Niko has done well.


Drive over and see Jon Gravelli. He and the U.L. Paper contact found out that some Russians and some Ancelottis have struck a business deal. They're selling drugs.

Drive over to the compound in Alderney. It might be a good idea to buy an RPG with a few missiles from the back-alley gun shop around the corner of the compound. Hop over the big fence and watch the cutscene as Niko mounts himself over the fence. Skip it if you like, then gain cover behind the cube-like pillar on the right.

Using the element of surprise and a shotgun, get rid of the first few guards and a whole wave of them will come. There is a building in front of you at this point; gain cover and gun the guards down. Remember that the guards are first priority, then you can do something with the vans. Start using frags and explosives to destroy the vans. Once all but one hidden van are destroyed, a barely surviving Russian will enter the remaining coke van and attempt to escape with the stuff. Remaining in cover, rocket or gun down the van as the Russian drives it down the small hill and over the fence.

An ecstatic Jon Gravelli will call you once you hop back over the fence and tell you two things: Niko's target is entering the country and that Jon and Niko are building a very fruitful friendship.

There is a more complicated walkthrough for completing this mission, although it allows you to gain the element of surprise and get a good vantage position. There are two ways to go through:

1) Get a van like the Burrito and park it near the red canopy like thing over the storefront. Climb on top of the van and then on the canopy. Climb onto the AC unit and then onto the roof. From here, you can take out a large portion of the enemies, but you can't target enemies in the next area, where they are the most concentrated. Plus, you can't target any snipers.

2) A much more preferable method. Get an Ambulance and then park it near the wall shown at the end of the little video. If you don't know where it is, facing the fence that is in front of the complex, turn right and then take a left. Its a wall with some white lining. Climb on top of the Ambulance and then on the wall. Climb onto the air ducts and then onto the roof. Run over to the other end and then climb the ladder. There's a guy here armed with a Carbine Rifle, so quickly dispose of him. There's some sniper ammo near him, so use it for far away targets. From here, you can see a majority of the enemies. Just watch your back for any lone soldiers who manage to make it on the roof with you via a ladder somewhere (not the one you used). After disposing of the soldiers, find a way down and then destroy the vans.

This second method can also be accessed by climbing over the uneven wooden fence to the right of the compound entrance, there's a blue skip you can climb up to get to the top of the wall/vents. Also, using this method it appears none of the thugs attempt to drive away as they're too busy attacking Niko on the rooftop.


If you avoid destroying any vans initially, the guards won't realize you're after them. So you can take out most if not all of the enemy before attempting to destroy the vans, again reducing the chances that one will try and drive away.