Little Havana Police Station

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The Little Havana Police Station's exterior in GTA Vice City.

The Little Havana Police Station is one of the four Police Stations in Vice City, and is one of the two in the Vice City Mainland. Just like the name states, it is located in Little Havana, Vice City, opposite the only 24/7 store in Vice City. The Police Station is U shaped and nis tan coloured with green-blue windows. The Vice City Police Department's Vice Squad is headquartered in the Little Havana Police Station. Like the Vice Point Police Station and the Downtown Police station, it is inaccessable. There is a VCPD Cheetah of random colours parked behind the police station and two police cars are parked in front of the Police Station. There is an American Flag and a stone saying Vice City Police Dept. and the VCPD crest on it in front of the station. There is also a large two sided advertising board in front of the station.