Logging On

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Logging On
For Roman
Location Broker
Reward unknown
Unlocks Roman's Sorrow


This mission is a short, simple one designed to familiarize the player with the in-game Internet. Head over to the taxi office in Broker and see Roman, who will be hanging out with a new meathead friend of his who just can't seem to stop exercising - Brucie Kibbutz. Roman busts Niko's balls about not going online, and perhaps not even knowing how to use the Internet at all. Regardless, he sends you off to a nearby Internet café to get going with your online excursions.

The Internet café you seek is called tw@, and it's located on Oneida Avenue in Outlook. It's an extremely brief drive from the taxi office, and the GPS will get you there rapidly. Once there, go inside and speak with the woman behind the counter, who will direct you to one of the computers. From here, you can simply log on and browse the net at your leisure, setting up an e-mail account first and foremost as you follow the on-screen prompts. Then, explore away, using your homepage to navigate to some pretty interesting areas of the web. Otherwise, this is an extremely brief mission, for once you head outside and let Roman know via cellphone that you set up your e-mail, the mission will come to an end.

Walkthrough courtesy of [1].