Los Desperados

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Los Desperados
Cesar Vialpando asks for Carl Johnson's help in taking back El Corona.

Cesar Vialpando asks for Carl Johnson's help in taking back El Corona.
Game GTA San Andreas
For Sweet
Target Los Santos Vagos territory
Location Ganton, Los Santos
Reward Respect
Unlocks End of the Line
Unlocked by Riot

Los Desperados is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, given to protagonist Carl Johnson by his brother Sweet from his home in Ganton, Los Santos, San Andreas.


CJ drops by Sweet's house in Grove Street and starts to talk about the hood and the riot going on. After a little argument, Cesar Vialpando, a close friend, appears and says that his hood is screwed up and he needs to get his gang back together. CJ agrees and they recruit two Grove Street gang members for help while meeting up with three Aztecas veterans, Sunny, Hazer and Gal in Unity Station.

Upon arriving there, they all start to attack the waves of Vagos gang members protecting El Corona. After clearing out the houses by the railway, they head deeper in the turf on an alleyway. The Vagos manage to injure Hazer shortly before being completely cleared out. The crew go to the serious part of the district and the last wave of Vagos have gang members carrying flamethrowers and rocket launchers. CJ and the rest of the team manage to survive the gunfight, thus the Aztecas taking over El Corona. Cesar and his fellow homies decide to get Hazer to a hospital and thank CJ for helping out.


The reward for completing this mission is an increase in respect and the final storyline mission End of the Line is unlocked, however it can't be triggered until 19 territories (35%) have been taken over by Grove Street Families.


  • This mission can be bypassed if you already have captured enough gang territory after Riot. Sweet will call once, informing CJ to take over more, then if the player already has done so, he will call again, saying he's found Big Smoke. The marker at Sweet's house will then lead to End of the Line, skipping this mission. To avoid this if you already have enough, only answer Sweet's first phone call, ignoring the second until you play the mission.
  • Curiously, while this mission states that it is the Vagos who have taken over the Aztecas' turf, before the mission, the gang war radar has it as the Ballas instead.

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