Los Santos Storm Drain

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The Canal as featured in Just Business.

The Los Santos Storm Drain is a river canal that runs throughout most of Los Santos, San Andreas. It passes through 11 districts in Los Santos namely: Downtown Los Santos (Beginning), Commerce, Market, Little Mexico, Willowfield, East Los Santos, Idlewood, Ganton, East Beach, and at the end Ocean Docks.

The Canal makes an appearance in the mission Just Business: Big Smoke and Carl Johnson use the river as a way to try to escape the pursuing Russian Mafia, along the way, a Packer crashes through some fencing and lands in the storm drain and begins to give chase, eventually they totaled their truck, which causes it to explode. This mission is based on the famous scene in Terminator2. After the escape through a tunnel, they reach a parking lot in East Beach, and the two decide to split up.

The Los Santos River is based on the Los Angeles River.

There is one Gang Tag in the drainage system.


  • There are many hacks and cheats to fill the canal full of water
  • The LS Storm Drain may be one of the best places to go if the player has a wanted level and is trying to remove it.