Los Sepulcros

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Los Sepulcros

  • Prerequisites: Enough earned respect
  • Rewards: Respect
  • Unlockables: None

You can only do this mission between the hours of 0900 to 1700. It looks like Sweet has a plan to kill a bunch of Ballas in retaliation for the Ballas making a hit at Sweet and CJ's mother's funeral.

  1. Recruit as many gang members as your respect will allow. You will need this extra firepower to keep the Ballas at bay. Once you have recruited and gotten into your car, you will have four minutes to make it to the Los Sepulcros Cemetery in Vinewood.
  2. During the ride, Sweet explains that this will be a sneak attack while CJ mentions that Kane, a leader of the Ballas, will also be there.
  3. Go into the pink marker next to the cemetery wall. A cut scene shows the gang going over the wall. When CJ approaches Sweet, Sweet gives the go ahead to storm the cemetery. Go after Kane since he will try to run out.
  4. Kane is wearing body armor so go for exposed areas. Once you have brought him down, Sweet goes for the getaway car. Mop up any Ballas resistance and get into the car. Head for the Paint 'n' Spray to the east since the police are now gunning for you.
  5. After that, the mission is completed.